Franck Tiffreau


Hometown Lyon
Homespot French mountains for snowkiting, Portugal for kitesurfing
Discipline Snowkite and kitesurfing freeride freestyle
Biggest achievement French champion 2010 Snowkite race veteran category

Franck, aka “Cabriole”, has been part of the Gin Kiteboarding Tribe for a long time now. He started kiteboarding when he decided to buy a kite for his son, which was in the end more his kite than his son’s. He quickly got addicted to the commitment required, but also to the amazing adrenaline feeling. Whenever you see him, you see a cheerful man, always happy but at the same time very rigorous and manic with everything.
Being part of the Tribe for so long had him test a lot of products, and he is definitely in love with the old board “Door”, which saves most of his light wind sessions. In addition, he likes to ride with the whole Gin product range, on water and on snow.
He is also passionate about motocross, and he aims to win the french motocross championship in the veteran category.

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