Tanguy Nef

Alpine skier

Hometown Veyrier, Geneva
Homespot Verbier & Heremance
Discipline Kitesurf, Wingfoil, Snowkite
Biggest Achievement Ranked in the top 20 slalom skiers in the world

Tanguy was born in Geneva and started skiing at the age of two. He has always loved the glide feeling, which is why he has deep appreciation for skiing and water sports. To him, that glide feeling is literally nuts, especially on a foil when you can hear the light breeze and the lapping of the water.
His passion for kiteboarding started when he was going to the beach with his older brother. While he was kiting, Tanguy was just playing with a smaller kite on the beach. One day, he decided to try it on water instead of crashing the kite on the beach.
Today, he just loves riding witht his Spirit. He finds it so easy to fly. “You can make it fly and relaunch it so easily that it almost makes me regret ever buying any other kite”.

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