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The Gin Team’s work embodies the Tribe life. We are a group of people that choose to be close to the land and follow mother nature’s rules and lifestyle. We are world champions, innovators and leaders in the field – that represents our brand perfectly. Our tribe provides the perfect feedback in all kinds of environments for our whole line of products while traveling the globe. The #GinTribe is driven by passion, innovation and the desire to elevate the sport to another level.

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15 May 2022


In 2022, we decided to relocate our headquarters. We are growing as a team and the brand is evolving, we needed a new location to…
10 April 2022

Sylvain Peretti, our prodigious design wizard

We're pleased to welcome Sylvain Peretti to Gin Kiteboarding with his extensive knowledge of innovations and technologies. His work culminated in our brand-new pump kites…
11 February 2022

Eloi Rondeau, our king of the mountains

Get to know our king of the mountains inside and out.    What does kiteboarding represent to you?  Kiteboarding is first and foremost a form of freedom for me. To go and explore,…