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Xavier de le Rue


Hometown Verbier
Homespot Verbier
Discipline Freeride, snow kite
Biggest achievement 7 times snowboard world champion (freeride and boardercross)

As freerider who loves to hammer down big, steep mountains at rapid speeds, Xavier describes his style as “fast and furious.” He started out in competition, winning the boardercross world championship in 2003 and 2007 and multiple X Games gold medals. For three years in succession (2008, 2009 and 2010) he was the snowboard freeride world champion, and he was twice awarded ‘best line’ of the freeride world tour (for both snowboard and ski). With his pioneering expeditions and mind-blowing movie footage, Xavier is a deservedly popular and well-respected icon in the world of snowboarding. He has evolved from a worldclass competition athlete to the star of spectacular snowboarding movies while transforming his approach once again by experimenting with innovative ways to film his adventures.
In the recent years, xavier’s focus has shifted towards sharing his experience and knowledge through his YouTube channel “How to XV”, as well as inspire his followers towards a more sustainable way to leave. He has a big expedition lined up in Antartica, which he is super excited about it.

He was always keen to explore new ways of moving in the mountains and the outdoors in general and he has clearly been fascinated by the possibilities Kiteboarding could bring. Well he did get hooked and he still is, 6 years later. He has a certain feeling of magic power of moving freely in an environment where by essence we humans are so slow. So he would describe the feeling as simply magical.
To him, the Shaman 3 has given him a lot of possibilities to explore the mountains like never before.

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