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He considers himself like a young man, free and happy living his dreams. In 2016, he is the youngest competitor of the legendary Vendée Globe, the solo and nonstop race around the world.

What does the last Vendée Globe represent to you?

The last Vendée Globe was a real test of strength, I had to show resilience and never lose sight of my initial objective: to finish this second solo round the world race, despite the technical problems and the disappointment of not being able to perform as well as I would have liked. It was an important journey, necessary in my career as a sailor in order to come back stronger and more mentally armed for my next competitions.

When did you start kiteboarding? What feelings does kiteboarding bring to you?

I discovered kitesurfing in Venezuela during a world championship in the 2000’s, when I was traveling around the world in a sailboat with my family. I immediately loved the feeling of freedom when I was flying in the air, and even today it allows me to clear my mind. And at the same time, I practice playing with the wind!

What are your next year challenges?

I will get my new boat at the end of the year and will train all winter long, in order to start the 2022 season in the most competitive way possible. I am lucky enough to have the benefit of her incredible former skipper, Alex Thomson, so I expect to be one of the favorites in the first races! I intend to take part in all the events on the 2022 IMOCA calendar, which includes four races, including the legendary Route du Rhum at the end of the year.

Latest news

After two solo round-the-world races in just eight years, Alan Roura is preparing for a third consecutive Vendée Globe. This time, he will have a boat to match his new ambitions, as the 28-year-old Swiss sailor will be the next skipper of the latest Hugo Boss, an IMOCA hydrofoil boat of the 2020 generation.

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