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We are now back to the top with our powerful Boom V2!

To our great regret, we haven’t been able to meet the expectations of our customers for the past year. As a result of front stalls or improper flight, the kites were dangerous for the riders and the competitors. Something was undoubtedly wrong in our fabrication process. As a matter of fact, it happened that due to improper stitching, our kites were sensitive to wind gusts, temperature changes, and shifty wind conditions.  As a result, we had to go over the plans with the factory to make sure the construction and stitching were being correctly followed.  

We have always called the Boom V2 our Formula 1 kite, as it can be very effective if you pilot it correctly and use it correctly within its wind range. And now, it is back to its best performance, ready to make you crush the game! 


It is a high-performance kite designed for the world’s best riders. Therefore, it requires a high level of piloting skills. To fly the Boom V2 effectively, you constantly need to be in control of your kite and be mindful of how to manage it in various conditions.

Benoit Gomez - Test Pilot & Junior Designer

Along with our team, we decided to implement strict quality control and kite testing. To do so, we built a team that checks every kite for quality. We then have them tested by our testers in various locations and wind conditions. The Boom V2 will from now on come with a certified document stating that it has been effectively tested and checked. 

meet our product expertsgin's test pilots

The Gin Tribe is growing, and we’re delighted to witness the added value each Team member already brings to the quality of our products! 

The Boom V2 is now available again with its incredible performance, its upwind and downwind efficiency, its featherweight for racing in light winds, and its dynamic performance on the water.

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