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Formula Kite WorldsTorre Grande, Sardegna

Wolrds took place in Torre Grande, Sardegna – Formula Kite

A world championship that was very intense for our team athletes, but which proved a lot of emotions and results.

A competition that had hazardous conditions, not very predictable that made the pools and results were often mixed, not always the best who wins. The Flymaax riders showed that they were doing good performances in different conditions, which was reflected in the results.

Before starting the world championships, Hans Bollinger took some time with the athletes to understand how the Boom V2 kites’ work.

We had the Polish, French, Italian and Russian team present who listened the glider’s functioning as well as training on how to check the glider, re-trim it and how to check it before each use so that it is at its maximum capacity.

Lauriane Nolot :

“I am proud to finish on the podium of the World Championships. This competition was very intense from the beginning to the end. A rollercoaster of emotions to finally taste the relief when you cut the last finish line.

I am so happy to have shown what I was capable of on the water. I come out of this experience of my first world championships with a lot of stars in my eyes.

I see big improvements and still a lot of work to get to the top. I just want to do it again and this time get on the first step of the podium!

Now it’s time for the “Winter Training” with the Flymaax team to come back even stronger next year!”

Izabella Satrjan:

“Lycra No. 111 was lucky for me 😉 every day I managed to realize my assumptions and finally after a complete set of races I get into semi-finals for the first time. I was very excited. I knew that I could gain a lot and lose not too much, good position for attack. The only thing I needed was the right attitude. Finally, I won both races and get 6 positions up, so finish 6th. I’m very happy with this result after less than 2years of kitesurfing. Big thanks to the organizers! Congrats to other and also thanks for the rivalry!
The more you have, the more you want, but the level will be still increased, so if you dream about the highest top, you have to do it 110%. I am motivated by it.”

Lorenzo Boschetti:

“My first world of kite foil was such a big emotional event, first two days really tricky and swatting in 18th position, but last days mange to come back to top ten and finishing 9th super happy for that!”

  • Overall Results Men

Lorenzo Boschetti – 9th
Maxime Nocher – 26th
Thomas Lombardo – 32th
Jan Marciniak – 43rd
Tino Deshoux – 53rd

  • Overall Results Women

Lauriane Nolot – 3rd
Izabella Satrjan – 6th
Tiana Laporte – 24th

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