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important renamingInstinct HB

As you may be aware, most of our ram air kites are designed by Hans Bollinger, who left his mark in history. 

We wanted to pay tribute to him (HB) with this kite that brings together all the best he does – make the performance of a ram air kite accessible to everyone. In this way, the Toon Maax will from now on be called the Instinct HB.

The name Instinct HB comes from the fact that it is in concordance with our line of kites but especially because the kite is easy to take in hand and it quickly becomes instinctive. To sum up, a kite that unites the world of racing but also the world of freeride. A Free Race kite.

Hans Bollinger is a world champion and world cup champion paraglider who is passionate about designing and improving kites.

We could think that Hans’ element would be the air. Instead, he started with water, sailing a Vaurien back in 1962 and becoming junior vice world champion as co-skipper. In 1980, he started with the 470 as a coxswain competing internationally and just missed the qualification for the Olympics by one place. He then spent some time with the delta and paragliders, giving him the opportunity to get involved in the gliders world, especially in the air.

Nowadays, he enjoys spending more time in the water, with the desire to develop the best kites on the market. For him, developing a kite is like a master mind. You think you understand but when the next prototype arrives, it brings you back down to earth and you find other problems to solve. It is the constant challenge to succeed that truly motivates him, you never stop finding new ideas.

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