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Gin Kiteboarding has been one of the majors in the snowkite industry for a while now. And upon the uncertain winter approaching, we stand more than ever by the approach and values of snowkiting.

What keeps us thriving every day in that industry is the passion we have for nature and thrills, with no limitations regarding infrastructures or human resources whatsoever. As a brand, we feel privileged to be able to serve our community with the tools to escape any potential shortage coming. We want to push forward the idea of just going back to basics – just a kite connecting with the wind.  As a matter of fact, the secret sauce is pretty straightforward at Gin Kiteboarding: a Shaman or one of our closed-cell kites, combined with a Gin Ice Bar and you will be in for an un-paralleled ride.

The Shaman emerged from a single-skin concept that was first tested on paragliders, like many of our products. The concept was then applied to a kite, that went through many series of tests in various conditions. The initial brief was clear-cut. We wanted to come up with a kite that was versatile, easy to use and handy, as sturdy but as light as possible. The single-skin construction proved that it ticked all the boxes, demonstrating extraordinary lightness with extra comfort and stability.

This season, in order to always keep our best gear at the top, we upgraded our go-to snow kite. The Shaman 3.1 is essentially the same construction as its predecessor, with a major upgrade of the fabric that is now more resistant and water-repellent, making it an even more durable buddy for endless snowkite sessions in the mountains.


My favorite feature of this kite is its wonderful lightness. It is unique in that it is easy to use and can be neutralized quickly thanks to its high-end fifth line. If you are planning to reach the peak of a mountain, where the winds are strong, you can neutralize the kite by simply attaching it to your skis or snowboard so you can pack it into their bag for a scenic descent.
For beginners, it's a straightforward kite, with no surprises.


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