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In 2022, we decided to relocate our headquarters. We are growing as a team and the brand is evolving, we needed a new location to accommodate our new brand strategy and receive our team.

After 15 years spent in La Neuveville, our Gin House had to be moved to make way for brand new residential housings that will appropriately match the morphology of the area.   

In the process of this announcement, Gin Kiteboarding was simultaneously growing its Staff and Tribe. “Passion For Excellence” became the new vision for our company in 2022, which therefore led us to move to another location.      

We stumbled upon a loft that suited our new strategy and that could welcome our whole Team. The ground floor is 60 m2 and the first floor is 50 m2, making it a 110-meter-square “StreetBox”. The ground floor, will be dedicated to a “Test Center”, a showroom, and a friendly open space to welcome partners, athletes, ambassadors, etc. On the 1st floor, there are 3 studios for our employees, as well as an open space for meetings. 


Gin Kiteboarding Headquarters are now located in La Tène just between Neuchâtel Lake, Biel Lake and Murten Lake.  


Route des Marais 10a – Box 19 

2074 La Tène 

The spots located near the new headquarters and their suitable wind directions are :  

  • St-Blaise (Neuchâtel Lake) – Joran, Southwest Wind. 
  • Concise (Neuchâtel Lake) – Bise, North / East Wind. 
  • Cudrefin (Neuchâtel Lake) – Joran, Southwest Wind. 
  • Portalban (Neuchâtel Lake) – West and Southwest Wind. 
  • La Neuveville (Biel Lake) – Bise, North and North / East Wind 
  • Murten (Murten Lake) – West to Southwest and North / East Wind 

“As part of our new strategy, we moved into a new office. Our store was no longer needed, since we now work with indirect sales.
Additionally, home office obligations made teamwork challenging during the COVID period. It was the perfect time to find a friendly place to host our team and make it possible for them to stay overnight. We welcome our customers, resellers, riders, and staff in a convivial atmosphere.
The world of kitesurfing is fueled by fun and friendship, just like the moments we like to share at our new Gin House.”

Gaël Landin - CEO


A Test Center will be set in our new office. With two floors available, we decided to build a showroom and test center for our product line. They aim to provide the best performing products on the market for everyone to try. In order to maintain a quality standard and showcase our brand’s most recent novelties, our products will regularly be updated.  

The Test Center will be open during the weekends at the office entryway. Our website is being updated to have a specific page for testing our products at our Gin House. You will be able to register there, request a date, and choose the products you would like to test. No fees are requested, just an ID document.   

We will offer pump kites (Quiver, Karver, Comet), wing kites (Delta & Alpha), twintips, wingboards, foils, etc. We can unfortunately not lend ram air kites to test, as they require supervision when using them. They will however be available on a few test days. 

Overall, the perfect spot to try the brand’s line of products in exclusivity, while sharing an afterwork with our Gin Tribe! 

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