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The first of many more to comeLatest shooting in Nice

For our very first shooting after company’s new strategy, we decided to go shoot in Maxime Nocher’s homespot. It was still a bit too cold to shoot in Switzerland, so we had to look for a warmer place to shoot so the gloves and socks weren’t necessary in the water, and so we could actually recognize the riders.

It was the perfect opportunity to shoot the newest products and get to know our world champion Maxime’s prime spot. It is a spot well-known for its beauty and its excellent level of practice, especially on the island of Santa Margherita, which offers  an exceptional environment combining nature, views and wind. A small island filled with pines and eucalyptus trees, and the possibility to kite in such surroundings.
During that shooting, our team got the opportunity to get to know each other and enjoy the beauty of Cannes.

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