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Tanguy was born in Geneva and started skiing at the age of two. He has always loved the glide feeling, which is why he has a deep appreciation for skiing and water sports. To him, that glide feeling is literally nuts, especially on a foil when you can hear the light breeze and the lapping of the water.

What does skiing represent to you?

Liberty and the ultimate glide feeling. When everything clicks, everything is easy, and you feel on top of the world.

What are your goals for the years coming?
My main goal is to ski fast and to do so, I’ll need to adjust to my new equipment while keeping my head in the best place possible to perform.
Passionate about the mountains but also about the water, can you tell what kiteboarding brings you as feelings, training, etc.

I love the element of water and the freedom to glide on it with virtually no limit. The foil duplicates that feeling because it goes quite fast and with moderate risks because you only fall on the water. In the winter, I get to snowkite near Geneva (au Salève!) and it really frees my mind because it is so fun.

Latest news?
I want to go on a wing foil tour next summer along with my girlfriend and our van. Our goal is to compete in some of the GWA races!!

Crédits Pictures: Scott Visuals

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