Tiana Laporte


Hometown Madrid
Homespot Around the world
Discipline Kitefoil race
Biggest achievement Several podiums in climbing, and big ambitions in race kitefoil

Not only is she working in our communication / marketing team, but she is also an athlete for the brand. She started kiteboarding when she was 12 years old in Sardinia and it was her hobby sport during summer for a many years. Once she got older, she started to travel more for kiteboarding and moved to Montpelier where she was able to ride almost everyday. In 2020, she decided to start foiling so she could start competing in the race format and train for the 2024 Olympics in Paris for the Italian Team. Since then, she’s just been addicted to the foil.
When you meet her, you see that she’s a solar person, always with a smile on her face and always active for any activity. She also has a fearless side when she goes on sport mode, where she is attracted to the fact she can go really fast on the foil or that she can jump really high. Kiteboarding, is the sport where she can feel the water and wind, and meet her relax place.
Nevertheless, she is a rigorous person and really determined. Once she has an idea, you can be sure she will try until she achieves it.
You will most see her on the Boom V2 when she goes racing, but she also likes to ride some twin tip with her Spirit.

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