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At Gin Kiteboarding, 2022 has been the initiation of many projects that are only bound to expand in the very near future, starting with the new Gin Headquarters we started to occupy almost one year ago.

Gin became an official partner of SP80, a project lead by EPFL students who aim to smash the world sailing speed record with a carbon boat, hauled by a giant kite. The challenge is massive, just the way we like them. The series of tests are currently running smoothly, with the ambition of achieving their goal in the course of 2023.

Product-wise, this year saw the launch of our most creative and innovative kite; the Marabou 2. It is a hybrid kite, born from a mix of a single-skin kite and of a closed-cell kite. That cutting-edge construction and the power it generates makes it an absolute light-wind beast, easy to maneuver and extremely stable. It is for sure one of the products we are the most proud of, regarding its technology and accessibility.

A major milestone was also achieved with the final absorption of Flymaax by Gin Kiteboarding, asserting our strong position in the race sector. To top that off, our Athletes ended the year with very strong and promising results. Benoit Gomez won the overall Formula Kite World Sailing rankings, Gal Zukerman got away with a wonderful overall 3rd place, and Tiana Laporte got crowned Italian champion. Meanwhile, Simon Leprevost masterfully won the 2022 overall Engie Kite Tour Open in twin-tip!

And ultimately, the end of the year marked the comeback of the Shaman, our go-to snow kite, but this time with a new feature included. As a matter of fact, a new fabric was used to produce our new batch, while still preserving its construction. This makes the Shaman 3.1 more resistant and waterproof, a beneficial update while waiting for the next Shaman 4 coming next winter!

As you can see, the Gin Kiteboarding Team does not rest on its achievements. We are already working hard on our next new products and innovations, always seeking for the best in the industry. In 2023, we are pushing the limits further!

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